Thanksgiving 2020


It's the eve before Thanksgiving 2020.  As the world sits and waits for the smoke to clear, for the virus to disappear, we remain still.  With another lockdown pending and the state of the election still up in the air, it's difficult to post without mentioning that this has been the worst year in history.    I pray for our country, I pray for the world and for the end of the corona virus.  

I don't think the world will ever be the same again and that frightens me.  But I continue holding on to my faith and in what is good and true.  The fact that God is watching over us.  That he has a plan and although we might not understand it, it is at work.  I will hold on to the promises that he will never abandon us.  

I also pray that this Thanksgiving be the most meaningful ever.  That we may truly focus on what is before us, what's important and may we realize our blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.  




A Favorite Spot


I love this little spot in my room.  I recently moved my furniture around and I'm loving it.  This little spot is my favorite.  I feel like I"m a way at a little bed and breakfast in the south of France.  Don't ask me why it but brings me joy.


Anniversary Trip

Our 32nd Anniversary was on November 5 and my 55th birthday was November 12.  For years we have spent a weekend in November in Camden Maine at The Hartstone Inn.  It has become one of our favorite getaways.

The Hartstone Inn is a beautiful Inn decorated with lovely themed suites and incredible fine dining.
We stayed in this room.  The Paris room.

We left on Friday and drove to Camden Maine.  Aside from having the most magnificent breakfasts and dinners, we managed to do some great antiquing.  Actually I did while my husband listened to the masters on his phone.  Haha.  
Some of my purchases while antiquing in Maine.

 I also found this beautiful vintage sheet which I am planning on making euro shams.  I also purchased this  lovely vintage matelasse.  

Our weekend was beautiful and I felt so fortunate and blessed to have gotten the change to get away.  With everything up in the air and another lockdown in the near future, I was thankful for our weekend away.  
I pray you are all well and enjoying every moment of life.  May you be filled with joy and much health.  
Be safe, 


A New Look

For years I have changed my formal living room's look.  It has had wall paper border in the early 90's.   It was painted yellow and then after visiting Mary Carol Garrity's home in Atchison Kansas, it was a navy color. I had Navy Ethan Allen sofas and crystal chandeliers.  A glass table and a lot of silver trays holding vignettes.  Not very kid friendly.  I realized it wasn't very Lisa friendly either.  

In my newest book I talk about how for years I have struggled to find my own style.  I spent so much time copying others in an attempt to discover my own way of decorating my home. 

During Covid, I made the decision to lighten up the room.  I used Benjamin Moore Simply white on the walls and a semigloss on the wainscoting.  

Two years ago we added bookshelves with overhead lighting and it changed the entire feel of the room.

Although open and airy, it feels more inviting and casual rather than the stuffy dark feel it had before.  

There is a simplicity to the room but it continues to have a subtle elegance with the touches of brass and gold throughout.  

The mirror above is one of my favorites.  I love how I can see the entire room inside of it.

Here it is before:
The navy created a more dramatic feel.    The color is a Nell Hills color called Twilight.

I have had many people say they loved the navy and were surprised of my decision but I am truly happy with my choice.  It had been navy for many years.  I thought it was a good time for a change and a good time to simplify a bit.  

Photography courtesy of Cara Marie Udicious. https://caramariephotography.com




My New Book

Hi Everyone.  Yes it's still me!  I just decided since everything is changing why not change my blog name and update a few things.  
I don't know about all of you, but I can't wait until 2020 is gone and buried.  
During this time of Covid, I was busy writing a book about my home.  I am so proud of it.  It's entertaining and fun and not preachy!  I don't intend to teach anything.  I just am happy to share how my style has evolved and I talk about the special women that have helped me along the way to find it.  I promise to keep you posted on it when it's finally published.  In the meantime I'm sharing the cover with you.  

Stay well.