Thanksgiving 2020


It's the eve before Thanksgiving 2020.  As the world sits and waits for the smoke to clear, for the virus to disappear, we remain still.  With another lockdown pending and the state of the election still up in the air, it's difficult to post without mentioning that this has been the worst year in history.    I pray for our country, I pray for the world and for the end of the corona virus.  

I don't think the world will ever be the same again and that frightens me.  But I continue holding on to my faith and in what is good and true.  The fact that God is watching over us.  That he has a plan and although we might not understand it, it is at work.  I will hold on to the promises that he will never abandon us.  

I also pray that this Thanksgiving be the most meaningful ever.  That we may truly focus on what is before us, what's important and may we realize our blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.  




Cheryl said...

I am praying alongside you, my friend. We are in the midst of a 33 Day Prayer Coalition prayer vigil. If you are interested in hearing how you can join us, please feel free to email me. God bless you! Keep the faith!

Lisa said...
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